The Open-Source PHP Compiler for .NET

Internet of Things

Develop apps for your Windows IoT devices in PHP or choose one of the many existing applications. Peachpie enables you to tap into the previously untouched talent pool of millions of PHP developers and allows you to save up to 30% development costs for your Windows IoT software.


Only with Peachpie, you can run PHP code within the most secure platform available, Microsoft .NET. Make the best of both worlds - combine the user friendliness, ease of deployment and transparency of PHP with the certified security of .NET.

Cloud Performance

Peachpie increases the efficiency of cloud platforms. PHP scripts are executed significantly more rapidly compared to the standard version of PHP, resulting in compelling performance benefits for your cloud.

Cross-Platform Development

Only with Peachpie, you can develop PHP applications and deploy them on mobile devices, tablets or PCs, as well as across all operating systems.