Coming Up: Live Stream “On .NET” with Microsoft

We will be chatting live with Microsoft’s Bertrand Le Roy on his show called “On .NET” this Thursday at 10 AM PST (7 PM GMT+2).

Peachpie Compiler to be Featured “On .NET”

We were invited to appear on Microsoft’s live stream “On .NET”, introducing and chatting about Peachpie with Bertrand Le Roy. The show will air live on Thursday, April 28 at 10 AM Pacific Time (7 PM GMT+2), and will be recorded to be viewed later on the Microsoft .NET YouTube channel.

What you can expect

We will try to cover a majority of Peachpie’s fundamentals and basics, present the benefits and usecases of it and explain our reasoning behind the project. We will also, once again, describe how Microsoft Roslyn has helped us and what benefits can be derived from building a compiler with it.

You can expect to see several demos depicting some of the features and outlining particular advantages of Peachpie. We will try our best to relate each demo to a usecase and explain what the fuss is all about.

Finally, we will talk a little bit about our upcoming plans with Peachpie and the work ahead of us. We would like to present our vision of the compiler and how we expect it to be used in the real world.

Where can the live stream be found?

You can watch the live stream here – it will start at 10 AM Pacific Time on Thursday, April 28.

The interview will be recorded and can be watched later on the .NET YouTube channel.

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