ICYMI: Chatting with Microsoft about PHP on .NET

You can watch the replay of the show here.

What did we talk about?

One of Bertrand’s main questions asked about our motivation to create Peachpie. As we explained, it is twofold: firstly, to finally finish what Phalanger has started in a much improved way, and secondly, to open up previously unaccessible areas for PHP developers.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the interview:

10:00 – PHP code compiled into MSIL, and .NET assemblies containing PHP objects

13:00 – Explanation of how code commentaries help speed up the process of an application by providing type analysis

17:15 – Debugging PHP code in Visual Studio thanks to the extension thanks to Microsoft Roslyn

21:00 Computing Pi with Peachpie and showing that the compiled code is fully static

27:00 How to use PHP in Visual Studio including code colorization, syntax highlighting and IntelliSense using the extension PHP Tools for Visual Studio

30:00 - How to use reference libraries directly from PHP in a C# project

32:00 Demonstrating both-way interoperability of PHP and C#

36:00 – Overriding PHP objects in C# and vice versa

What’s on the agenda now?

As explained in the webcast, we are currently fairly preoccupied with working on Peachpie’s core. However, the closest real usecase demo we are looking to show is an IoT cluster where we will run PHP on Windows 10 IoT Core, control the object with an app written in PHP and C# and display the information on a web interface written entirely in PHP.

Simultaneously, we are aiming towards the longer-term objective of running WordPress on .NET. However, this particular usecase will take anywhere from 2-6 months, depending on whether we will be able to get help with the development.

Throughout the development of Peachpie, we will continuously produce benchmarks to see how it compares to PHP 7 performance-wise.

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