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No benchmarks this week, but we do have a few announcements. Not only about the technology itself, but also about the infrastructure that surrounds it.

New website up and running

We have mostly been preoccupied with the compiler itself and we stuck to the website we created at the very beginning for the whole time. Finally now, has received a long overdue makeover. We are currently running a version of the website that is stripped down to the bare minimum, but we will be adding plenty of content throughout the coming weeks. Having a website is generally not an event worthy of a major announcement, but there are a few sections on our new homepage that deserve some further attention.

Try our new website –


As you can see, we are finally getting around to writing a proper documentation. It will take us a while, but we are particularly keen on finishing the Getting Started section of the Wiki in order to facilitate the option of playing around with the technology.
Getting started


We felt that it was still unclear to many people what we are trying to achieve with this project. This is why we decided to include a section about where Peachpie comes from and what our objectives are. You can also meet the people behind the project.

About us

Additional announcements

Peachpie Studio

You may have noticed one of the objectives of the project is a custom IDE specifically for the development in Peachpie. This is indeed an implementation of Peachpie that is in progress, but we do not have a deadline for Peachpie Studio quite yet.

We aim for the IDE to offer several interesting features, such as a click-to-deploy functionality designed to work on all devices and platforms, and eventually a plethora of cloud services. We will keep you informed about the progress on this.


As you can see, our site is now running on WordPress. We are presently implementing the support for various PHP constructs and functionalities into Peachpie in order to be able to compile WordPress and run it within the .NET framework. It will likely take us another month or two to get this done, but the plan is to power our website with Peachpie eventually and to demonstrate what advantages are created through the compilation of WordPress with Peachpie.

RequestHandler and RequestContext

Finally, one interesting functionality we just implemented in Peachpie: the request handler. Thanks to this feature, Peachpie is now capable of running on a web server and consequently also on Microsoft Azure, for instance. We are in the process of preparing an extremely interesting benchmark: comparing the ability of a regular PHP webs to handle requests with those websites powered by Peachpie.

Stay informed about our progress on our GitHub repo by following us on Twitter or Facebook.
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