Diagnostics and Syntax Error Highlighting in Updated VSCode Extension

Peachpie compiler itself is up to version 0.5.0 and so we wanted to focus on adding more functionality to our Visual Studio Code extension. This short article explains what is new in the Peachpie extension.

Referencing Peachpie 0.5.0

The updated Peachpie extension for VSCode is referencing Peachpie 0.5.0 by default. This means that the user will have the most up-to-date version of Peachpie available with all the recently implemented constructs. For a list of already supported functionalities, please refer to our roadmap.

The Peachpie extension can be found on the Visual Studio Code marketplace. You can download it directly in VSCode by pressing Ctrl+P and typing the following command: ext install peachpie-vscode.

Syntax Error Highlighting

Up to now, our extension allowed the user to create a new Peachpie project, whereby all the necessary dependencies were set up. However, a development experience in an IDE would never be comfortable without syntax error highlighting. We have now implemented this feature in the extension, which should make working with Peachpie significantly easier.


Peachpie Diagnostics

Peachpie still doesn’t support all constructs and functionalities. Therefore, we equipped our VSCode extension with the ability to indicate some basic diagnostics, such as the calling of undefined functions. This will immediately inform the user which functionalities in the given PHP application Peachpie doesn’t support yet.


Further functionalities will be added in the future to make developing with Peachpie in VSCode even more comfortable and powerful. In addition, we are working on implementing more and more functionalities into the compiler itself, and we have a few other interesting announcements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and follow our progress on GitHub, Twitter or Facebook.

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