Wrap-up: .NET Conf 2017

The curtains have closed on this year’s .NET Conf and it has truly been an amazing event. Let’s take a look back and summarize the Peachpie session.

An all out success

.NET Conf is an annual virtual conference about everything .NET and beyond. According to the feedback we saw from people on Twitter, the event was an absolute hit this year and perhaps better than ever. The conference took place over three days and offered two parallel paths at any given point: a more theoretical and a practical one. The event featured some of the programming world’s most distinguished engineers and speakers, such as Miguel de Icaza, Scott Hunter, Scott Hanselman and many others, including appearances from Google and Samsung. Of course, it was a huge honor for us to be featured among this elite group.

PHP on .NET Core with Peachpie

Here is the presentation in its full length and you can find the summaries and timestamps of the individual parts below:

In our session, Jakub spoke briefly about the general reasons behind the project and how it works and then dove straight into the demos:

[Intro to Peachpie]

You are probably familiar with this part already, but it never hurts to remind everyone of the benefits of compiling PHP to .NET.

Creating a 2D graphical desktop app in PHP with UrhoSharp

[UrhoSharp demo]

This awesome sample, which can be found on our GitHub repo, demonstrates the power of Peachpie. By using Xamarin’s UrhoSharp library, we are able to create a desktop app using accelerated two-dimensional graphics programmed in the PHP language – something that would otherwise hardly be possible.

MediaWiki on .NET

[MediaWiki demo]

As Jakub points out, we have only just started working on MediaWiki, which is a massive project in itself. Although we haven’t implemented all the necessary functionalities and fixed all the small errors yet in order to actually run MediaWiki on Peachpie, Jakub mentions a few key aspects that already work:

  • Revealing potentially critical errors before running the program
  • Amazing Visual Studio performance profiling and diagnostics
  • Debugging PHP code using the VS debugger

WordPress on .NET

[WordPress demo]

You may have seen this one before, but Jakub takes you through the whole process again step-by-step.

Calling C# code from PHP and vice versa

[Interoperability demo]

This is where the real madness begins, as Jakub dynamically declares a function, calls C# code from PHP, overrides it, then overrides it again and so on. This is what we mean by seamless bi-directional interoperability.

We really hope you liked this conference as much as we did. As Jakub said at the end of the video, you can help us by spreading the word, reporting any issues or inconsistencies and obviously contributing!

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