Presentation at Microsoft in Prague

We will be holding a presentation on the real world applications of Peachpie at the Microsoft office in Prague on October 25 at 6pm.

Live presentation in Prague

This article is only relevant to those who will be present in Prague on October 25 and the presentation will most likely be held in Czech (unless there will be someone who doesn’t speak Czech).

We have held presentations previously, but this session will be a little different.

What you can expect

This presentation will be focused on the practical applications of Peachpie, how to to work with the project and how to contribute. The key differences to previous presentations will be that we are now a member of the .NET Foundation, which makes it a lot easier to contribute to Peachpie. Also, we support a plethora of new constructs and functions, entire new frameworks and WordPress is now fully supported without any modifications (more on that later).

At our live session you will find out:

  • How Peachpie and Roslyn work
  • Why it might make sense to run PHP on .NET
  • How to get WordPress running on .NET Core
  • MediaWiki, CodeIgniter and others
  • What are the next goals for Peachpie?

Food and drinks will be provided, courtesy of the amazing Microsoft Czech Republic.

Please indicate your interest in attending in the event below:

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